Students for Children is fully committed to enabling and improving education for all children in developing countries. Our main goals are as follows:

  • To Increase the number of children going to school.;
  • Constant Improvement in the quality of education for children in development countries.
  • Increase of vocational skills alongside theoretical education to enhance practical skills.
The supported project is always set up from the local population. We have intense and close contact with the projects we support.
Every child must have basic knowledge of reading, writing and maths. Next to this, it is important to learn skills to become self-reliant.
Developing countries use new technologies as well. Children should therefore learn how to use computers.
The goal of the projects we support is always for long-term impact.
Students for Children strongly believes that education is the key for enabling children to break through the vicious circle of poverty. Children greatly benefit from skills like reading, writing and calculating. Education contributes to a young persons self-esteem and protects them from exploitation and violence also children who attend school are less likely to end up in crime. In the long term children who went to school and gained an education will also be able to attain higher goals and therefore receive higher incomes later in life. These incomes may contribute to a better future for their own children. Together our belief is that we can break through this awful circle of poverty through education!
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We organise events for students to raise money. With this money we can support education projects in developing countries.
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