About us

Students for Children is an organization that is fully organized by students. As a charity we aspire to make education accessible to unprivileged children in developing regions around the world. We believe that education can create a way out of the vicious circle of poverty. A child which has had an education consequently has the ability to make more money later on. For this reason, we think that it is important to support projects that can provide a better future for children. The projects we support are small scale and local initiatives. If you want to know more about the projects we support and our procedures to gain our support you can check out our projects page. On this page you can also find all the projects that we have supported in the past.

Global education

We strive for access to education for as many children as possible in developing regions.

Locally focussed

We value co-operations with the local population in the projects we support.


Students for Children is unique as its entire board exists of students.

Overhead costs

We work with overhead costs that are lower than 10 percent: almost all of our revenue goes directly to the projects that we support.




How do we get support?

Our NGO raises money in The Netherlands to provide support to our projects in developing countries. This is done by organizing several activities with schools and other companies throughout the year. Through the activities we aim to fundraise money and spread teh awareness of unequl eduaction around the world. Besides that we have a number of fixed donors who support us monthly for whom we are very grateful for their steady contribution.

Students for Children has been organized by the tax authorities as an ANBI foundation (the Dutch hallmark for charities).

Are you interested in our plans for this year? Check out our Policy plan for 2019!

The Board

Students for Children is a unique organization with a multicultural group of students who work voluntarily for the NGO to spread equal access to education. At the moment the board has six wonderful team members and all of them have diverse educational backgrounds. Our tasks are divided amongst us and mainly include to organize activities, stay in constant touch with the projects and share our actions with the communities and the public. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas!

Welcome to our Board team 2019/2020:




Yuan Xu, board member since September 2019 
Education: Political Science (UvA)
E-mail: voorzitter@studentsforchildren.nl

Pip Graatsma, board member since September 2019 
Education: European studies and Law (UvA)
E-mail: secretaris@studentsforchildren.nl

Marketing coordinator
Paula-Lilli Stahmer, board member since September 2019
Education: Media and Information (UvA)
E-mail: marketing@studentsforchildren.nl

Event coordinator
Lynn Bijlsma, board member since September 2019 
Education: European Studies and Law (UvA)
E-mail: events@studentsforchildren.nl

Project coordinator
Lotte van Oosterhout, board member since January 2019 
Education: Sustainability (VU)
E-mail: projects@studentsforchildren.nl

Ilja Dotinga, board member since September 2019
Education: Law (VU)
E-mail: penningmeester@studentsforchildren.nl




Advisory council

The board can always obtain advice from the advisory council, which exists of former board members who like to remain involved with Students for Children. The advice of the advisory council is non-binding; however, it is highly valued by the board members. Because of their experience and understanding of the organization the advisory council is an important part of the functioning structure of Students for Children. At this moment the advisory councils members are:



Iris Lommerse
Board member from October 2015 till December 2016

Britt Sternberg
Board member from December 2014 till March 2016

Brandon Meetz
Board member from October 2017 till January 2019



Lara Wouters
Board member from May 2016 till June 2017

Jasmyn Menara
Board member from March 2017 till January 2019


We think that it is very important that the majority of our revenues goes to the projects that we support. Therefore, less than 10% of our revenues is spend on marketing, organizational, and administration costs. However, often we spend even a less on these costs and for the past years we have been able to spend 95% of our revenues on our projects. As we value transparency and honesty you can find our year reports on our website. If any questions remain after reading them, please let us know as we are happy to answer them.


In 2003 Ralph Bronsema went to Brazil for a volunteering project which helped kids living on the streets. When he returned to the Netherlands he wanted to keep making an impact for underprivileged children in developing countries. Students for Children was founded when Ralph realized that there were other students who were interested in supporting his cause. He collected several enthusiastic students and started his organization. Together these students ensured that Students for Children was officially founded on October 10 2006. Since that time many students have volunteered with Students for Children. Thanks to their dedication the foundation has grown and developed over the years and will keep on doing so.