What we do

Students for Children sponsors the tuition fees, school uniforms and teaching materials for a group of children from the Nagwa slum in Varanasi, India.

Amount of children reached

Through this project Students for Children ensures that 15 children can go to secondary school.


The total costs of this project are €1500. The 15 children can go to school for a whole year.


For this project we cooperate with the Duniya Foundation. This foundation is led by a local board that consists of all teachers who work for the foundation.

More about this project

In September 2017, Students for Children started supporting the Duniya Generation project through the Duniya Foundation. This project takes place in the Nagwa slum, located in the city of Varanasi in India. Because of the poverty in this slum, education is not accessible here for many children. This is because the children often have to work to earn money for their family. That is why the Duniya Foundation has set up a primary school where the children get good education for a minimal fee. As a follow-up to primary school education, the Duniya Foundation started the Duniya Generation project. This project ensures that the children who have completed the primary school, can continue to secondary school. For children who live in a slum, secondary education is normally not possible due to the caste system and the high costs. Thanks to the good relationship of the foundation with the director of the Mahamana Madan Mohan Inter College, former pupils of the primary school now have the opportunity to continue learning. Through the Duniya Generation project, the tuition, school uniforms and teaching materials of these children are sponsored. In addition, the children can get daily homework assistance at their old primary school and in this way possible problems are identified and resolved. Students for Children supports this wonderful project by taking care of the costs for fifteen children during one year.