What we do

Students for Children supports a group of children from a former leper colony in the South-East of Kenya. These children now receive proper formatted and structural education at a private school.

Amount of children reached

In 2009 Students for Children started sponsoring five children this support has now grown eighteen children. Furthermore, around one hundred children have been outreached by short term projects in the community.


Our costs are used to pay for school tuition fees, books and literature, uniforms and footwear, daily nutritional meals and occasionally educational school trips. The costings amount to around €8000 per year.

Project partner

In Kenya, we work closely with local organisation ‘Action Ministry’. this relationship is crucial as it helps to keep us informed on the latest developments happening in the region and with regard to the project.

More about this project

In 2009, Students for Children started the sponsorship of children in a small Kenyan community, which the people also refer to as “Blessed Camp”. This community is located in Msambweni, in southeastern Kenya, and consists of about 180 people. The older residents nearly all have suffered from leprosy. Although the disease is no longer active within the community, they still have to live with the stigma of the disease,  and so do their children and grandchildren. Children from Blessed Camp have no prospect of good education. There is a government school within the area but the classes are very large, the quality of education is poor and the parents of the children don’t have money for school materials such as uniforms and books. Students for Children believes that education is of great value for the development of children. In addition, they may pass on their knowledge to others within the community. Which makes it an even better investment!

To make a real difference for the children, Students for Children will ensure that they can go to the private school Msingi Bora Academy. Classes here are relatively small and good education quality. In addition, the children learn to speak English, which will be very helpful in their future. In 2009, Students for Children has set the basis for a long and intensive project. The full cost of education, from the beginning when the child goes to school until its graduation, will be borne by Students for Children.  The sponsorship started for five children, but in the past years this has been extended to eighteen children.

In the past recent years it has shown that this project has a very positive impact on the community of Blessed Camp. A few years ago – before the project was started – the stigma that rested on the people who live in Blessed Camp was very strong. Moreover, the locals had no awareness of the importance of education. Because a group of children from Blessed Camp got the chance to go to school, the entire community increasingly got in contact with others from outside the community. This, in combination with the efforts of many other organizations, ensures that the stigma continues to be reduced further and further. Moreover, the importance of education is now recognized by an increasing number of residents of the village.

Currently the first children who were sponsored Students for Children have graduated. They will go to secondary school now, which is funded directly by our local partner. We think it is important that there remains no constant dependency and therefore strongly encourage the local people to take back the financial responsibility whenever possible.

In addition to the local sponsor, one of our regular donors:  Mr. Tennekes decided to cover the school costs of three other children: Neema, Riziki and George. For her entire school period Neema will have her expenses taken care of by this donor.  Riziki and George start high school in 2017, also with the support of Mr. Tennekes!