Finished Projects

Students for Children wants education to be able for as many kids as possible. Thats the main reason Students for Children supports many different projects all over the world since 2006. On this page you see an overview of all the projects Student for Children supported in the past. All these project were checkt by strict projectcriteria.
The projects we supported in the past are:

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Students for children is sponsoring a few (upcoming) students from Medellín, Colombia who are participating in the project & Work.
Students for Children has sponsored this project from the beginning of 2017 until the beginning of 2018.
Students for Children sponsored four youngsters. Because these youngsters come from families of which the parents did not study, they are usually not stimulated to study further after secondary school. Besides it is hard for these youngsters to arrange everything by themselves.
The total amount for the four students was € 2.076. This money is used to pay the transportation costs and material costs for four students during one year.
For this project we worked together with the organisation Straatkinderen Medellín, which is closely linked to the local organisation Fundación Caminos.


From January 2016 Students for Children was sponsoring the Aflatoun and Aflatot education programme (education in social en economical skills) supported by the Dutch organization Startup4kids.
Students for Children has sponsored this project from January 2016.
With this project 78 children with disabilities are provided additional education, learning them saving and entrepreneurial skills and concern for the environment. The children in the class have different ages, this because most children have mental disabilities which means that sometimes children are older then classmates but they are placed in this class because this is the education level that suits their mental stage.
The total costs of this project are €4297,- With the donations, Students for Children supported the project with €2983.
For this project two locally registered educational instituions were assigned: FUNDAL and Escuela de Educación Especial Xelajú. Both are located in Quetzaltenango, in the Western highlands of Guatemala.


Sport stimulates children in favela’s to join educational projects. Students for Children supports this by sponsoring a sports teacher who gives tennis and soccer lessons on a weekly basis.
In March 2015 Students for Children has started the sponsorship for this project.
Girls between 4 and 14 who lived in a favela in Rio de Janeiro could follow classes in soccer and tennis. 
Students for Children contributed with an amount of €3.290.
Students for Children collaborated with the foundation Estrela da Favela.


Through practical and theoretical lessons, supported by an agricultural engineer, children learn about healthy feeding and maintaining a kitchen garden.
In 2015 Students for Children started with the sponsorship of the project.
Around 400 kids are reached with the project.
Students for Children contributed with an amount of €2.500.
We collaborated with NME Mundial.


Students for Children sponsored books for children who where victim of violence and exploitation.
Students for Children started the sponsorship in 2014 and the books are still in use!
Currently, 150 children are going to the Teresa Academy who are using the book. Besides that, the books will be used by future students.
For the purchase of the book €500 is donated by Students for Children.
We worked together with the local organization Teresa Academy.


Through microcredit women can built an own enterprise which will lead to an income. This will give them the chance to send there kids to school.
The project is sponsored since April 2013.
Women from Tamil Nadu were financially supported in order to establish their own company and maintain their family.
Students for Children lent a total amount of €2.000. The money was used for loans varying from €75-200.
Students for Children collaborated with the foundation AID India.


Students for Children collaborated with the construction of a school building.
In 2013 Students for Children started with the support and in 2014 the building was finished.
Kids from the neighbourhood can follow classes in the new building.
Students for Children supported the project with an amount of €180.
We worked together with an local school in Ghana.


Students for Children donated 5PC’s, a notebook and a printer to a primary school in a small village in Paraguay.
In 2012 Students for Children supported this project.
The teacher is using the notebook to make prints and download the material for his classes.
Students for Children sponsored this project with and amount of €1.890.
The project was in collaboration with Ganadera Tapití S.A.


Students for Children donated 5 notebooks to a after school care for orphans. It not only gets them of the streets,but also support lessons which they don’t get on school.
In 2012 Students for Children sponsored the project in South Africa.
With this project children are supported who come to the drop-in-centres of the organization in order to follow computer classes.
Students for Children contributed with €1.340 to the project.
In collaboration with the foundation Makhundu Christian Support the project was possible.


Students for Children provided a school in Niño Obrero with an oven, a stove and the electricity for the lunch. Students for Children provided a lunch with these resources foreign year.
In 2009 Students for Children sponsored this project in Guatemala.
The project accommodate children between 4 and 17 with primary education.
Students for Children contributed with €2.406 to this program.
The school Niño Obrero provide free education to children who live in extreme poverty.


Students for Children provided a toiletbuilding,a water treatment plant an a rain collector plant on the Mae Naa Chaang Nua school.
In 2009 Students for Children supported the project.
All the kids of the Naa Chaang Nua school were able to use the facilities.
With the help of our donors, Students for Children was able to donate €3.495 to the project.
In collaboration with the foundation Samsara we realized the construction.


Students for Children financed part of the building proces of new classrooms for the school. Children from Madunaida(China) can follow there education lessons because of these classrooms.

In 2008 Students for Children offered help to this program.
Three new classrooms provide space for 90 children.
Students for Children donated €1.860 to this project.
With the PhD student Olivia Kraef who initiated the program.


Students for Children committed to improve the education level of the Borana students in South-Ethiopia. We did this by financing 20 tables and 40 sitting places.
In July 2008 the first part was financed and with the help of our donors the rest was done afterwards.
There are around 350-400 children in the building who are enjoying the project.
First €1.523 was donated and later €1.477 was transferred to finish the project.
We worked together with the Dutch foundation Kune Zuya for this project.