About us
Students for Children is an organisation that is fully organised and driven by students. As an organisation we support small-scale and locally founded projects that are active in supporting education of all forms. We are dedicated to making education for children in developing countries possible. We believe education is an important aspect to alleviating poverty. A child that attains an education can make more value of their future lives through informed decision. That is why we strongly believe it is so important to support education projects that enlarge the possibilities for a better future for all children. We aim to achieve this by supporting locally founded and small-scaled education projects. If you would like to know the more information on the projects we currently support and what the criteria are if you would like to receive our, you can take a look at our projects page. On this page you can also find the projects we are currently supporting at this moment and also projects which we have supported in the past.
  • We want that as many children in development countries as possible go to school;
  • We think it is important that the local population is involved in the projects we support;
  • We are a unique organisation because our board members are all students;
  • Our overhead costs are less then 10%.
We raise money in the Netherlands to support these education projects and have a couple of monthly donators. Sometimes activities are organised by school, organisation or companies. We also raise money by organising events and activities for Dutch students. Do you want to know what kind of activities? You can see all up and coming activities on our event page (only in Dutch). Curious for our new plans for 2018? have look at our policy plan:

Board members

Students for Children is a unique organisation. All of the board members are volunteers and active Dutch students. At this moment six students are situated in the board. These students all have different a variety of backgrounds and study different self chosen paths. Together we look at new proposals, organise new activities and make sure Students for Children can continues to give its full support to projects of the future. Its has been a pleasure to introduce ourselves to you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Lynne Kavishe, member since November 2017
Study: Political Science (UvA)
E-mail: voorzitter@studentsforchildren.nl

Jasmyn Menara, member since February 2017
Study: Communication Science (UvA)
E-mail: penningmeester@studentsforchildren.nl

Rory de Kluijver, member since Februari=y 2018
Study: Dutch language and literature (UvA) & Education (VU)
E-mail: secretaris@studentsforchildren.nl

Project coordinator
Brandon Meetz, member since October 2017
Study: International Development Studies (UvA)
E-mail: projects@studentsforchildren.nl

Event coordinator
Rosa Rietkerk, member since November 2017
Study: Political Science (UvA)
E-mail: events@studentsforchildren.nl

Marketing coordinator
Sophie de Rijk, member since April 2017
Study: European Studies (UvA) & Communication Science (UvA)
E-mail: marketing@studentsforchildren.nl

Advisory board

Our advisory board exists out of former board members of the organisation. They advise the current board members of the organisation when this is needed. For example before we decide to approve a proposal, the Advisory Board is asked to give their advice. Although a project can be supported without the approval of the Advisory Board, much value is attached to their advice. The current Advisory Board exists out of the following members.

Lida Daniels
Board member from November 2014 till June 2015

Rachel van Doesberg
Board member from December 2015 till July 2016

Jelmer Mulder
Board member from March 2016 till December 2016

Lara Wouters
Board member from May 2016 till September 2017

Maarten Muijser
Board member from march 2015 till march 2016


We think it is important to spend as much money as possible on the education projects we support. That is why we do not spend more than 10% on marketing-, organisation- or administration costs. Most years we have even spend 95% of the money on our projects. Because we think it is important to be open, fair and transparent, you can see our annual reports of the last couple years by downloading them via the links below. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them and we will be happy to answer all queries.