What we do

Students for Children sponsors the production or reusable sanitary napkins that are given in the Buikwe district in Uganda.

Amount of children reached

A total of 250 girls will receive a reusable sanitary napkin. In addition, about 500 children (boys and girls) will receive information about what the menstrual cycle is exactly.


The total costs of this project amount to € 1400 euros. Of these, 250 reusable sanitary napkins will be produced and information will be given to both boys and girls at the various schools.


For this project, Students for Children works together with the Mission for Community Development (MCODE) foundation.

More about this project

Since August 2017, Students for Children has been supporting a project in the Buikwe district in Uganda. In this rural region, girls often perform less well at school than boys. In doing so, they are more likely to drop out early. The Mission for Community Development (MCODE) discovered that the reason for this is often that the girls do not know how to deal with their menstruation. Often they do not know exactly what their menstruation is and how they should ensure that they maintain their personal hygiene when they have a period. In addition, sanitary napkins and tampons are often unaffordable for this group. Because of this, menstruation is often a big problem for these girls and even makes them miss an average of 4 to 5 days of school per month. This is why MCODE wants to tackle this problem and, in collaboration with Students for Children, they will produce 250 reusable sanitary napkins. These will be distributed at different schools in the Buikwe district. In addition, extensive information will be given at each school about the menstrual cycle to break the taboo on this theme. Because of this, the girls will know better what their menstruation means, learn to deal with this better and eventually perform better at school!