South Africa

What we do

Students for Children support a project which gives destitute children from Johannesburg access to primary school by sponsoring their uniforms and shoes. These items are indispensable in order to be accepted at a South African school.

Amount of children reached

There are 75 children being sponsored with this project. This includes 50 girls and 25 boys.


The contribution from Students from Children sums up to 1950 Euros, which is used to buy uniforms and shoes for the beneficiaries. This comes down to 26 Euros per child.

Project partner

Students for Children is collaborating with Programme for the Well-being of Children (PWC) for this project.

More about this project

From January 2018, Students for Children is supporting a project which enables 75 children from Johannesburg to go to primary school. These kids are already trapped in a disadvantaged position in this early stage of their lives. In many cases, HIV/aids has led to the situation that the parents are not being able to take care of their children or they have even already died. Luckily, the children could count on the support of Programme for the Well-being of the Children (PWC). This foundation aims to send destitute children to school, like the ones who be in danger of ending up on the streets. The lobbying of PWC resulted in a great deal with the Ministry of Education: a big group of deprived children could go to school for free until they have finished their primary school.

They will go to school every day from 8 am till 1 pm. The beneficiaries will gain the most important basic knowledge in courses like language, math and geography. Furthermore, they can stay longer at school three days a week. Then there will be time for them to play together and get a good meal until the end of the afternoon. A small part of the selected children could immediately benefit from the agreement with the Ministry of Education, but 75 other children still needed uniforms and shoes to go school. These items are indispensable, because children without decent shoes and uniforms are not accepted at South-African schools. Students for Children is delighted to be able to contribute to this project by sponsoring the uniforms and shoes for these kids. This has enabled them to have access to education from now on!