India (Pushkar)

What we do

Children from Pushkar who had por future prospects are able to go to school on a daily basis now. This is possible thanks to the financial support for their school fees, uniforms, school materials and lunch.

Number of Children

The number of children supported by Students for Children has increased to twenty.  Het aantal kinderen dat Students for Children steunt is opgelopen tot twintig. The children differ in age and follow education that suits their situation and educational level.


It costs about 100 euro per child to provide education for a year. Students for Children has donated 2.000 euro for the present school year.

Project partner

The support of Students for Children to this project is part of the Sona Pushkar Project, which was set up by foundation Ohmnia.

The Sona Pushkar project focusses on underprivileged families in the Indian city Pushkar. Hundreds of families live in homemade tents and need to survive without income and education. When Jaira was traveling through India and noticed the abominable conditions these people live in, she wanted to help them. She decided to set up her own foundations, which was the start of the Sona Pushkar Project. The first big operation was the construction of the Blue House: a residence were five families were able to live in. In addition to that, Jaira sent food parcels to Pushkar.

The next step of the Sona Pushkar project was to provide education to the children. This enables us to break the vicious circle of poverty, unemployment and exclusion. Students for Children is happy to contribute to this initiative. The students of the Cartesius 2 college have been a great help. They organized a charity run to raise money for the Sona Pushkar project. At the moment, we sponsor 20 children in Pushkar to go to school. They belong to different age groups, ranging from 3 till 16 years old and follow education that suits their situation and educational level. The oldest group of students is getting prepared to participate in the labour market.