New school project in Congo!

We are very excited to share our news with you as we just started our collaboration with the organisation Program for the well-being of Children (PwC) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
This project aims to rebuild the primary school of a village close to Bunia, in the province of Ituri. This village used to be […]

The new project approaching #genderequality

We have some exciting news to share with you! Thanks to all the generous donations we have received the last months and our events, we collected enough donations to support a new project. The primary school is located in Uganda (Butambala District, Kayenje) and concerns the construction of five toilettes, and a washroom for the […]

Our Easter egg sell

Last week we had an Easter eggs sale! Due to the corona crisis, as a board, we couldn’t sell the eggs as we had in mind since all gatherings are postponed until the crisis is over. So we decided to sell the Easter eggs to our close family, relatives and friends. Keeping in mind that […]

The successful collaboration with Kiem

In February and March, we collaborated with Kiem Montessori for a charity ice skating and a crafting activity. Kiem Montessori is a school actively involved in organizing different sporting events. The students have had ice skating lessons for past weeks before the event. So in this collaboration, the kids have been trained for this amazing fundraising […]

The Coronavirus outbreak

Dear friends of SfC,
We hope that you are well under this worldwide worrying situation!
Students for Children is working hard to combat the situation and maintain our daily operation as much as possible. Unfortunately, some of our events are cancelled because of the situation. Following the instructions of RIVM and GGD, we are unlikely to have […]