Our Mission

Students for Children supports education projects around the world. We strive to enable and improve education for children in developing countries through organizing fundraising activities with partner schools in the Netehrlands. Our main goals comprise the following:

  • To increase the number of children going to school
  • Improve the accessibility and quality of education for children in need
  • Embracing the vocational skills of students alongside the theoretical education
  • Seeking for a sustainable progress when supporting the communities

Our Strategy

The communities we support are constantly in touch with our project coordinator to asure a steady progress of the project. However a sustainable development includes progress, as well as boundaries. Toegther, we like to encourage the community to critically evaluate their development and overcome the obstacles to accomplish their goals.
We strongly believe that every child should have the basic knowledge of reading, writing and mathematics. Additionally, we believe it is cruical to gain skills in order to become self-reliant and gain critical thinking. Thus, the child gains a confident perspective for his or her future.
Since developing countries operate with new technologies, such as smartphones and latops, we believe it is cruical to spread support our projects in these regards if requested. Therefore, children gain the skill on how to operate with a computre which significantly helps their future prospect.
The goal of the projects comprise a long-term impact and benefit for the community. This is done through critical engagement with our work and a very close collaboration of the board memebers.

Why Education?

Students for Children strongly believes that education is the key for a qualitative life style. We support children in different ways for them to receive better education to gain a confident prospect in life in terms of their career. Gaining skills –  soft, manual or vocational skills – through knowledge, and critical thinking eventually encourage students to move beyond their horizon. Meaning, Students for Children values the accessbility and quality of education as children can greatly benefit from the acquired skills like reading, writing and calculating. Furthermore, education expands the self-esteem of a young person, as well as protects them from exploitation and violence, for instance. In the long term, children who attend school may be motivated and able to attain advanced goals and eventually receive higher incomes in their life. These incomes can contribute to a better living standards even for their own children. Therefore, we believe education is important and everyone should be guaranteed equal rights to education!

Our News

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