Green Butterfly

Our action

We support a group of children who lost their parents due to the consequences of AIDS. We finance the required materials to go to secondary school.

Number of Children

With this project we can provide 20 students the opportunity to follow secondary education. These children are raised by their grandmothers, since their parents died due to the consequences of AIDS.


The support of these children costs 1.542 euro. Many of the materials funded by Students for Children can be used by future generation as well.

Our partner

The Green Butterfly Project is part of a larger organization. This initiative has been set up by the rape hurts Foundation, which is devoted to, among other things, orphans.

Despite the large poverty in Uganda, it has also one of the largest rates stressing the HIV/AIDS infection. As a consequence, some children lost their parents at a young age. Due to this loss, it is even harder for these children to escape poverty and acquire education. For this reason it is essential that these children go to school and ultimately enabling them to create a better future.

By means of this project, Students for Children support 20 children by financing school materials, such as books, notebooks, and writing utensil. The children follow their classes at the Kabukye Senior Secondary School. Actually, these students need to pay a tuition fee, but the Green Butterfly Project arranged that the children do not have to pay any school fees.

The children supported by this project have been able to complete primary school by means of other sponsors. The goal is to provide them the opportunity to a great future after they have graduated from secondary school. The support of Students for Children is specifically aimed at helping orphans who are being raised by their grandparents. Besides the educative aspect, the children get information about hygiene and food. Students for Children supports this integral approach, as improving the diverse aspects of the lives of these children is the most sustainable way to improve their future perspective.