At the end of each month we post an update of our projects on our website. This month we will give you an update about the Sona Pushkar Project from India.

This month the children have received their first exam results. They have done exceptionally well considering the time they have been attending school. The majority of the children have only started school about one year ago, however, they are learning quickly. Students for Children is delighted and proud that the Sono Pushkar project enables children to already attend school at a young age (between 4 and 6 years of age). The children’s learning progression shows the importance of sending children to school as early on as possible.

After a three-week winter break, the second semester of the school year has started in January, which exactly marks a year of the sponsorship of Students for Children. This month two new girls have started to attend the school. Their names are: Anjali and Guddi (see pictures). This means that at the moment we are supporting 22 children in this project. We wish Anjali, Guddi, and the other children the best of luck!

You can read more about this project here.