Pwc (South Africa)

Our action

Students for Children provides underprivileged children from Johannesburg the opportunity to go to school by sponsoring their shoes and uniforms. School children are obliged to wear these items when they are going to school in South-Africa.

Number of Children

75 children are being sponsored by means of this project: 50 girls and 25 boys.


The contribution of Students for Children is 1.950 euro to buy shoes and uniforms, which comes out to 26 euro per child.

Our partner

Students for Children collaborates with Programme for the Well-being of Children (PWC).

We finance a project which enables 75 underpriviliged children from Johannesburg to go to primary school every day. Students for Children sponsors their uniforms and shoes, which are both required to wear in primary schools in South-Africa. These children are laging behind due to their difficult domestic situation. This is most of the time caused by the consequences of HIV/aids, which makes it challenging fort he parents to look after their children and even leads to death of the parents. Programme for the Well-being of Children (PWC) tries to help the children who are likely to end up on the streets. Thanks to the support of PWC, the Ministry of Education approved a large group of underprivileged children to go to school for free, until they have finalised their primary school.

The children go every day from 8:00 till 13:00 to school. This is where they acquire fundamental knowledge, such as grammar, geography, and math. In addition, the children are able to go three times a week to after-school care, where they can play and get food. Some of the children were directly able to attend school, while 75 others did not have proper shoes and uniforms. School children are obliged to wear shoes and uniforms when they are going to school in South Africa. Students for Children supports the uniforms and shoes of these children, while other sponsors take care of the schoolbags and books. Therefore, the children are assured of access to education the coming years!